Tesla Debunked: Debunking the Tesla Myth

By Mason I. Bilderberg, via Illuminutti

False facts about Tesla giving him more credit than he deserves.

In today’s world of Infotainment, web pages and documentaries have popped up proclaiming Nikola (Nicola) Tesla of being the inventor of practically everything. The more sites that pop up, the more reinforced false facts become. This is wrong because it denies respect for the true inventors of the technology, as well as oversimplifies history. Just as people incorrectly understood what Edison actually did and believed in a simplified idolization, Tesla seems to have taken his populist place in the 21st century. Tesla suffered from narcissism through much of his life, and this throws many of his claims of being “the first” into question. We can only believe patent information, and proven written records.

Didn’t your mother tell you not to believe everything you read on the internet? So before you go back to the Tesla mania pages we suggest you go to a library and dig up some facts from books and patent applications, just as real historians have.

Sorry to debunk your inner conspiracy theorist yearnings, but here are the facts:

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